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Esraa Elgmal opens up about the revenues of YouTubers and content providers on the platforms

 The famous blogger Esraa Elgmal revealed the profits of content creators on the platforms and says that YouTubers, bloggers, and content providers on social media platforms are making huge profits from YouTube, which has become a means of making profit after fulfilling the conditions and activating the channel. The Tax Authority recently announced that they are required to open tax sheets, as the decision stipulates the collection of Tax on those whose profits exceed 500 thousand pounds annually.

Under this decision, they became obligated to pay tax on the profit they make from the content they provide through their pages and channels on various social media sites, and everyone is concerned about knowing the statistics and profits they make.

In this regard, Israa El-Gamal, an economic expert, revealed the profits of celebrities on YouTube and popular social media platforms in numbers. Ahmed Hassan and Zeinab: The couple, Ahmed Hassan and Zeinab, are among the most famous YouTubers in Egypt. From time to time, they top the trend due to the quality of the content they provide through their YouTube channel, which achieves a large number of views, and their channel’s annual profits reach one million and 400 thousand dollars. Hamdi and Wafa: The YouTube channel of the Egyptian YouTuber Hamdy and his wife Wafaa achieves high views, as they achieved more than 92 million views in just a month, and their profits are high, reaching 4 million and 400 thousand dollars. Mahmoud El-Gamal: YouTuber Mahmoud El Gamal was able to achieve a huge number of views on his YouTube channel, reaching more than 200 million views in one month, making an annual profit of $9 million and 600 thousand dollars. Nada and Ahmed: YouTubers Ahmed and Nada are accustomed to presenting content consisting of human stories, and their channel on YouTube also achieved a high rate of views, making their annual profits reach $9 million. Cookie and daddy: Also, the channel of the child Cookie and her father, which provides entertainment content, represented by situations between the child and her father, was able to achieve high views and its annual profits reached two and a half million dollars. The economic expert added that YouTube does not give channel owners money in exchange for views, but the profit is achieved through the advertisements that appear on the video, stressing that there are conditions that must be met in order for YouTube to agree to place advertisements on the videos, and then give you a profit in exchange for watching these advertisements, based on Thus, no one, not even YouTube itself, can tell you a fixed number that you can earn from your YouTube channel, but everyone talks about an approximate average.

The profit rate from YouTube ranges on average between 30 cents and 3 US dollars per thousand views, but this depends on many factors, including: the geographical location of the viewers, the content covered in the video, the time viewers spend watching the video and the extent of their interaction with the video, and much more. Among other factors, which I will discuss in detail below. If you want to get a quick, simple answer to the question: How much do you earn from YouTube? Or how much do you earn from YouTube? You can suffice with the few lines above, but this is what I do not recommend to you anyway.
This is because the answer to this question contains many details and aspects, which by knowing them, I promise you, you will discover that this is not the question that you should really care about... so read on to understand in depth how much a YouTuber earns from YouTube. In fact, many Arab youth have recently become very interested in the idea of profiting from YouTube, and then they began to wonder with great curiosity about the rate of profits that can be achieved from YouTube.
Some of these young people are interested in knowing the YouTube profit rate because they want to start creating a YouTube channel and profit from it, and others are interested only out of knowledge, especially after the state of curiosity that was aroused as a result of publishing a post on one of the famous sites about the profit rate of the most famous YouTubers in our Arab region, which He claimed exaggerated numbers.
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