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Our Team

            Our Writing And Editing Team

Mohamed Ragab
Journalist and professional writer since 2011 Graduate of the Workers University Department of Quality Control Member of the International Journalists Organization Media consultant
He writes in the fields of entertainment, art, science, technology and politics (Chief Editor of the Middle East - Topics of Art and Society)


Jane English (Education English)

Jane English, or as she is known on social media (Education English), Journalist. I graduated from Memorial University in Journalism. She writes in several fields: work - entertainment - sports - health - science
She currently lives in the Middle East, Egypt, and works on creating educational content for the English language


Hassan Elamragy
Journalist and music critic Interested in all news of music and artists, and I love blogging in several fields - politics - business - lifestyle

Fatima Zahra
Journalist since 2010. Graduated from college
Media and Broadcasting, The University of Texas at Austin
. He writes about entertainment, arts, science, and technology. He expresses his passion for writing and his interest in every word that expresses social and human love.


Dr.Samir Ghoraba

 journalist and blogger since 2011, member of the
Journalists Syndicate, member of the Medical Editors Division,. Plastic surgery media consultant, graduate of the Faculty of Medicine, Tanta University
He writes in the field of health, skin care and relaxation.