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Mohamed El-Shenawy works  economic and community development
Dr.Samir Ghoraba 25 September 2023
  Engineer Mohamed Ibrahim El-Shinrawi, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the International Foundation for Economic and Social Developmen...
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Artist Shady Aslan reveals his role in the popular series “The Night and the One in It,” Part Two
Dr.Samir Ghoraba 18 September 2023
  The artist Shady Aslan joined the heroes of the series “The Night and the One in It,” the second part consisting of 6 episodes, which is e...
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“Activ Abou Alaa” is close to sponsoring a first-class club
Dr.Samir Ghoraba 18 September 2023
  An official source within the “Activ Abou Alaa” agency for sportswear revealed that there is a trend within the administration to submit a...
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The UAE grants Abdullah Al-Baddad golden residency
Hana Beauty 18 September 2023
  The United Arab Emirates granted its golden residency for ten years in the category of creative people of culture and art to the director ...
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The news platform "Abu Kabir Media" achieves the success of our media figures in the Egyptian streets
Ragab Karam Ali 14 September 2023
  “Abu Kabir Media” is the first platform in the Arab Republic of Egypt for creating and creating video content and live broadcasting. It is...
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UNHCR's Commitment to Protecting Refugees and Achieving Lasting Solutions: Insights from Entrepreneur "Bassem Hanna"
Amr Nour ELdeen 13 September 2023
  Entrepreneur Bassem Hanna stated that the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) seeks to ensure the ability of every indiv...
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CPJ Condemns Attack on Gav News and Its Arrest
Mohamed Ragab 12 September 2023
  The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) condemned the attack on the Gav News agency by Iraqi Kurdish security forces and its downing in...
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