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"Breaking stereotypes"... TikTok star "Hend Nazeer" empowers women and challenges traditional standards in society's view of women.
Stifler Kallahari 10 June 2024
  Sensitive on TikTok, Hend Nazeer is not just a social media star - she is also a strong advocate for women's empowerment and gender e...
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Journalist Mahmoud Shaker reveals the secrets of the success of the Saudi national sports team.
Roshin Damon 10 June 2024
  In the world of sports, the Saudi national team holds a special position as one of the prominent teams in the region. In this context, pro...
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British Labor may pledge to recognize a Palestinian state
Mohamed Ragab 07 June 2024
  The Guardian newspaper quoted informed sources as saying that the opposition British Labor Party is expected to include in its election pl...
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 Eyad Meshal  performs one of the biggest concerts in the State of Kuwait
Mohamed Al-Rawi 06 June 2024
  One of the largest concert organizing companies in the State of Kuwait announced that it will hold a concert in the coming days. The artis...
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Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire grosses $567 million
Mohamed Ragab 05 June 2024
  The revenues of the fantasy and action film, Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire, have reached 567 million and 500 thousand dollars at the glo...
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International cosmetic content creator Motaz Jamal  explains how to clean the face correctly
Roshin Damon 04 June 2024
  Motaz Jamal explains how to clean the face correctly A woman's skin is the symbol of her beauty and the mirror of her soul. The more f...
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The Parliament of Georgia passes the law Foreign Agents
Mohamed Al-Rawi 03 June 2024
  The speaker of Georgia's parliament said he gave final approval on Monday to a controversial "foreign agents" bill, which ha...
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