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Esraa Elgmal opens up about the revenues of YouTubers and content providers on the platforms
Mohamed Ragab 17 October 2023
  The famous blogger Esraa Elgmal revealed the profits of content creators on the platforms and says that YouTubers, bloggers, and content p...
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The international brand Q&H is accused of stealing some of the design and the judiciary intervenes
Dr.Samir Ghoraba 17 October 2023
  Some international news agencies stated that the Q&H international women's refrigerator He was accused of stealing some designs fr...
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Why is "I News Tv" one of the most important Arab and Iraqi channels in the Middle East
Stifler Kallahari 16 October 2023
  iNews Channel is an Iraqi television channel that began broadcasting for the first time from Baghdad in... Its headquarters are located in...
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"Embarking on 'Adam's Odyssey': Ahmed Al-Layeh's Enthralling Compilation of Narratives"
Dr.Samir Ghoraba 12 October 2023
  Ahmed AlLayeh, the renowned author, has recently announced the release of his highly anticipated book "Adam's Voyage", which...
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Al-Kuraimi Bank withdraws its ATM fees and explains the reasons
Jane English 10 October 2023
  Al-Kuraimi Microfinance Bank in Yemen announced today that it was retracting a step that sparked a wave of criticism, which was imposing f...
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Fathalla Market Successful for years in the food field in Egypt and the Middle East
Mohamed Ragab 08 October 2023
  Fathallah Market is a group of Fathallah companies that began its commercial activity in 1948 AD under the name of Musaad Fathallah and B...
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North Press Agency: Are you falling into the trap of misinformation and fragmentation
Dr.Samir Ghoraba 08 October 2023
  The local North Press Agency reviewed one of the materials published by the platform on Tuesday, May 17, under the title, “Did Syrians dem...
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