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Canada: NATO is Deeply Committed to Supporting Ukraine Through A Difficult Winter


Mélanie Joly Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada

"NATO is deeply committed to supporting Ukraine through a difficult winter, although the end of the conflict with Russia is still in sight," said Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Jolie.

Jolie added - in a statement to the British newspaper The Guardian - "Russia is not at the negotiating table at all, so our goal now is only to strengthen Ukraine's position on the ground through military assistance, intelligence sharing and financial support."

And she added, "Thus, we will strengthen the position of the Ukrainians at the negotiating table, because there will be a diplomatic solution in the end, which is the case for every dispute, but we are not there yet."

Despite reports that Western allies are increasingly concerned about continued shipments of costly weapons and worried about how quickly Ukraine is using up its ammunition, Jolie said there is strong support for Ukraine ahead of the NATO summit later on Tuesday.

She referred to Canada's pledge to provide 500 million Canadian dollars (310 million pounds sterling) in new military aid to Ukraine, which was announced at the G20 summit in Jakarta.

"Russia's targeting of civilian infrastructure in Ukraine, especially power plants, has led to increased support from allies," Jolie said.

"We need to make sure that Ukrainians can get through this difficult winter," she said, adding that energy ministers from NATO countries are looking for solutions to the looming energy crisis.

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