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Elon Musk : Apple Threatens to Remove Twitter From The App Store


Elon Musk & Twitter notice

Many companies, including the American luxury car maker Audi, have temporarily suspended advertising on Twitter since Musk completed the purchase of the platform.. The annual advertising value on the Twitter platform is $ 5 billion.

Twitter CEO Elon Musk announced that Apple threatened to remove the Twitter app from its App Store, without explaining the reason.

Musk indicated in a tweet on Twitter that "Apple has stopped advertising on Twitter," asking: "Do they hate freedom of expression in America?"

He added in another tweet that “Apple” also threatened to remove “Twitter” from the “App Store”, but it did not inform us of the reason.

And he asked a question to users: “Do you know that “Apple” imposes a 30% tax on everything you buy in the “App Store”?

The Financial Times reported that leading advertising agencies had suspended their ads on Twitter, due to Musk's unpredictable attitudes towards his management of the company.

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In a tweet on Monday, Musk said that Apple has mostly stopped advertising on the Twitter platform.

Apple and Twitter did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Reuters.

Earlier in November, Musk blamed the losses on a coalition of civil rights groups that had been pressing Twitter's top advertisers to take action if he did not protect the existing content moderation mechanism. The groups said they would step up pressure and demand that brands pull their ads on Twitter globally.

And many companies, including the American luxury car maker Audi, have temporarily stopped advertising on Twitter since Musk completed the platform purchase.

Apple spent an estimated $131,600 on Twitter ads between November 10 and November 16, down from $220,800 between October 1 and October 16, according to advertising firm Pathmatics.

study prepared by Media Matters revealed that Elon Musk lost half of the top 100 advertisers on the Twitter platform in less than a month after the billionaire assumed his position as CEO of the platform.

According to Media Matters in America, 50 of the top 100 advertisers have spent nearly $2 billion on the platform since 2020, of which $750 million was on ads in 2022 alone.

But as of November 21, 7 additional advertisers have joined a growing list of companies that have reduced their advertising on Twitter to almost nothing, according to the "India Times" newspaper, which was viewed by Al

The annual advertising value on the Twitter platform is $ 5 billion.

Since 2020, these seven advertisers have spent more than $255 million on Twitter and nearly $118 million in 2022 alone, according to the study.

The report came on the heels of a number of large companies pulling advertising spending from social platforms. Companies such as Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc., Ford, and Chevrolet have issued statements confirming their intent to pause their advertising on Twitter, according to the study.

Even with these advertising losses, Elon Musk continued to engage in unsafe brand actions, including amplifying conspiracy theories, unilaterally reinstating banned accounts like that of former US President Donald Trump, courting far-right accounts, and implementing a verification system. Random allows scammers and scammers to pay subscriptions in exchange for a blue check mark.

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