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Johnson Fixes A Mistake He Made Decades Ago


Wayne Johnson "The Rock"

American actor Dwayne Johnson, known as "The Rock", returned pieces of chocolate that he had stolen from a store when he was a teenager.

Johnson posted on his official accounts on social media a video clip of him entering a store and collecting all the "Snickers" chocolate bars to buy them.

Johnson said he used to steal chocolate bars every day when he was 14 years old, to satisfy his hunger.

"I've been eating it as a pre-workout snack. I've been doing it for about a year every day."

He concluded his post, saying: "I finally expelled the damned chocolate devil that had been nibbling on me for decades. From Hawaii in '87, after all these years, I finally returned to right that wrong."

Johnson has previously spoken to the media about his family's difficult economic circumstances, especially in his teenage years, noting in a 2017 interview that many times his parents relied on the money they received as gifts to help them buy their basic needs.

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