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Human Love For Football


Two people playing soccer

Throughout the ages, a sport or a game of football is something that people adore until it became the first game in the world and has fans like grains of dirt, and until now we do not know what is the reason behind the love of this sport

Football is a team sport played between two teams of eleven players each playing with a spherical ball

Football is played in a rectangle with two goals on either side. The object of the game is to score goals by kicking the ball into the goal.

The goalkeeper is the only player who is allowed to touch the ball with his hands or arms, provided he is inside the penalty area. Outfield players mostly use their legs to attack and pass the ball and may also use their head to strike the ball

The team that scores more goals is the winner

If the two teams score tied goals at the end of the match, the result of the match is either a tie or the match enters the extra time system and / or penalty kicks, depending on the tournament system

Football game in 1863

The English Football Association established the laws of football in 1863 in England. International football is chaired by FIFA, the International Federation of Football Associations. The World Cup for this sport is organized once every four years and is the most important international tournament. The style of playing football has evolved throughout history, as well as its controls and laws, until it reached the current stage known as modern football, which no longer focuses on attacking and scoring the largest number of goals as much as it focuses on tactics and skill.

Who is the first soccer player in the world

Pudge Heffelfinger is the first person to play football professionally

People love football

- lost affiliation

- killer stereotypes

- The endless drama

- Inevitably you will find your likeness

Specialized nerve cells in the brain called “mirror neurons” that allow us to understand perspectives outside of our own. These neurons enable us to put ourselves in another person’s shoes and imagine what they are going through at a given moment.

These feelings are magnified when we watch a football team or player, we admire them because we know them, when we see them in the game, we feel a part of the feelings they feel.

When your team loses, your brain produces cortisol, the stress hormone your body releases when you're under stress. Even worse, our brains may produce less serotonin, which can lead to increased anger and depression.

When your team wins or plays well, your brain starts to release the hormone dopamine, which helps you feel happier.

Watching soccer can raise your heart rate to levels similar to those associated with vigorous exercise.

 The love of football gives the fan or the person who loves to watch the game a spirit of competition and feelings, good and bad. How much a person plays on the field Is football more addictive than drugs
We see a lot of fights in the stadium and among the fans in the streets. What kind of addiction is this that drives you crazy

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