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Hydrogenated Oils Risks And Ways To Avoid Them

Hydrogenated oils

What are the tips that call us to avoid consuming hydrogenated oils based on? And what are these oils? Here are the answers, as well as tips and ways to avoid it.

We often hear advice indicating the importance of avoiding hydrogenated oils, but in reality only a few realize what these oils are and why they are dangerous. We will explain this now and we will indicate the simplest ways to avoid them.

What are hydrogenated oils

Hydrogenation of oils is a process by which liquid fats found in plants and various foods are converted into solid fats by adding hydrogen. During the hydrogenation process, oils are transformed into so-called unsaturated fats. In fact, global health agencies warn against excessive consumption of this type of fat.

Why do companies resort to the manufacture of hydrogenated oils

Companies often tend to manufacture oils and hydrogenate them for several reasons, which ultimately lead to an increase in material profits mainly:

- Extending the shelf life of products, as hydrogenation acts as a kind of food preservative process.

- Adding a thicker texture to foods.

- Providing financial profit by increasing sales and reducing lost quantities.

What are the harmful effects of hydrogenated oils

Unsaturated hydrogenated oils can seriously affect human health in the long run, especially when consumed in excess:

- Obesity.

- High harmful cholesterol.

- Atherosclerosis and heart disease.

- Digestive disorders.

- Infection with degenerative diseases.

Tips and ways to avoid hydrogenated oils

In order to avoid hydrogenated oils from your diet, here are the steps and notes:

Learn about foods that contain hydrogenated oils

Most of the hydrogenated oils are found in foods that contain saturated fats, among which the most consumed are:

- Ghee and margarine.

- Sort vegetables.

- canned foods.

- Baked goods and starches.

- Ready-to-use pastries.

- fried foods.

- Formula milk or coffee creamer.

Read food labels

Since hydrogenated oils are the ones that contain harmful fats, this means that you should avoid products that contain them. However, the phrase free of saturated fats or free of hydrogenated oils on the packages does not necessarily mean that they are not completely contained.

Manufacturers can consider their product free of hydrogenated oils if it contains 0-0.5 grams of fat per serving of food, so it is important to read the instructions printed on the packages carefully and not be satisfied with the large commercial addresses that appear on them.

Use healthy vegetable oils for cooking

You may find that margarine and margarine are easy to store in the refrigerator and use, but they are actually hydrogenated, so they turn into body fat, so use healthy vegetable oils, such as olive oil and avocado, for example, and beware of frying them because they do not tolerate high temperatures.

In addition, a 2011 study showed that safflower oil can improve blood glucose and lipid levels and reduce inflammation, while olive oil and avocado are heart healthy.

Cut back on canned foods

As we mentioned earlier, the process of hydrogenation of foods is involved in their manufacture and packaging, as it ensures their preservation for a longer period, so we advise you to do the following: Do not adopt previously cooked foods that are presented in the shops, and cook your food and store it in your refrigerator instead of buying ready-made foods.

Carry your healthy snacks with you

In fact, hydrogenated oils are used in the preparation and manufacture of many fast-cooking snacks. This makes it necessary to always supply light and healthy meals, and these nutritious foods are able to reduce your hunger and regulate your feeling of it without paying high prices for the consumption of hydrogenated oils:

- Low salt nuts.

- carrots.

- apple.

- the banana.

- Milk or natural yogurt.


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