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Johnny Depp returns as Jack Sparrow


Johnny Depp

The “Disney” platform announced that it is preparing to start filming the new part of the Pirates of the Caribbean film series, after the famous Hollywood star Johnny Depp agreed to return to the character of Jack Sparrow.

And according to what was published on the site, this came surprisingly, after the star Johnny Depp reincarnated this character in a video clip to support a terminally ill person, and the beginning was when a child called Captain Korean suffering from a chronic disease launched a YouTube channel of his own and expressed in one of the videos that he wanted To reach the number of followers of one hundred thousand subscribers.

He was supported by many celebrities, such as the star "The Rock", in addition to "Johnny Depp", who interacted with him and filmed a video clip in which he sent a message while he was dressed as "Jack Sparrow".

On the other hand, the international actress, Amber Heard, filed an appeal with the Virginia courts, demanding that the decision issued against her be annulled, or that a completely new trial be held in the comprehensive defamation case against her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, which she lost earlier this year.

And according to what was published by the British “Daily Mail” website, Heard, 36, filed her appeal last month, and said that the exclusion of some of her treatment notes, in which she reported being abused by Johnny Depp, led to an unfair trial, the judge excluded Virginia. Benny Azkarat, The Memoirs.

Last June, Johnny Depp, 56, was awarded $10.35 million in a judgment after his legal team successfully argued that Heard's Washington Post op-ed, in which she accused her ex-husband of domestic violence.

Heard did not name Deb publicly in the application, but given her status and notoriety, it was clear who she was referring to in relation to her history of alleged abuse.

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