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The Launch Of The Second Session Of The Red Sea Film Festival in Jeddah Today


Red Sea Film Festival

The activities of the Red Sea International Film Festival will start today, Thursday, in its second session, which will continue until December 10. And long from 61 countries in multiple languages up to 41 languages.

The second edition of the Red Sea International Film Festival witnesses many of the latest cinema productions, as the world premiere of the movie “Al-Khalat +” directed by Fahd Al-Ammari, inspired by the “Al-Khalat” series, and in the movie “A Cross Road” by the award-winning Lebanese director Lara Saba. The world premiere of her comedy and romantic movie.

As Oscar-winning director Martin McDonagh's latest film, The Fairies of Enchan, follows an extended friendship, dairy farmer Padrick (Colin Farrell) stops by the cottage of his musician friend Colm (Brendan Gleeson) to take him to a café, when Colm suddenly tells him that Their friendship is over.