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Camel is One Of The Wonders Of Creatures On Earth



The camel is An Animal Of The Order Artiodactyla, Of the Camel Family. It is Famous For The Fatty Mass On its Back Called The Hump, And The Hair Of The Camel is Called hair.

Fossils indicate that the ancestors of modern camels grew in North America during the Paleogene period, and later spread to most parts of Asia. The human Stans beauty before 2000 BC.

The Wonders Of That Being

The camel is an interesting animal that is fast docile, very peaceful, and rarely shows hostility, but it is jealous of its females, and no one is allowed to see it during mating, and if it feels the presence of someone spying on it and sees it, it takes revenge for offering

Modern science has revealed some amazing facts about the camel, including that its sense of hearing is very strong, despite the fact that its ear is small, and it has two large eyes that see well at night and day. It spreads on the ground, or gnaws at the leaves of tall trees, legs equipped with soft spongy slippers that enable it to walk on soft sand, a hump in which fat is stored in order to burn it, and a large wrinkled nose from the inside from the wonder of wonders that condenses the water vapor that comes out with the exhaled air, so carbon dioxide comes out and the water vapor condenses. Thus, it prevents its exit, and thus it is the only animal that recovers the water in the air it breathes, and the camel raises its body temperature during the day to 41.7 degrees in line with the temperature of the surrounding atmosphere so that it does not sweat, then it begins to secrete sweat to cool its body temperature if it increases. The ambient air temperature is about 42 C.

Blood Balls Do Not Explode

The camel has the ability to drink sea water, as its kidneys rid it of excess salts, and it drinks about 18 liters of water if it is abundantly thirsty, without affecting the blood balls because God created them oval unlike other creatures. When the blood balls are filled with water, they swell and become spherical without bursting. It needs water, as the blood absorbs water and urine again and pushes it into the stomach for special bacteria to convert urine into amino acids, i.e. into protein and water. The mating periods for camels are January, February, and March of each year, and pregnancy lasts for 12-13 months.

 Meat is Food And its Milk is Medicine

Camel meat is distinguished by its high nutritional content of sodium and low potassium, with a higher percentage of calcium in the thigh muscle than the rest of the other meats. The diet is due to the lower level of iron and zinc in it than the rest of the meat of other animals, and it has been scientifically proven that camel milk can be used in the treatment of many diseases, including diabetes, as it contains a special protein with an effectiveness similar to the action of the hormone insulin, because of this milk’s characteristic of possessing cheese slowly and easy access to protein in a way It is effective in the intestines and its absorption in order for insulin to work and is used as a treatment for bacterial communicable diseases such as brucellosis (Malta fever) and pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) because this milk contains antibacterials.

What Does A Camel Do At Night

Camels have amazing abilities to know the way in the darkness of the night and in the depths of the desert, as they are able, thanks to God, to walk to the destination they intend to go to without getting lost, tired or bored.

When we delve into the parts of the camel’s body, and its digestive system in particular, which consists of several parts starting with the mouth, where the upper lip is divided longitudinally and the lower lip is lowered, which work together like fingers in the human body to capture nutrients, while the inner surface of the mouth is covered with a membrane that contains cone-shaped scars and It bears the thorns that camels encounter at the moment they eat the sprawling natural herbs in the desert, while at the roof of their throat there is a soft mucous layer that moisturizes the mouth and is a helping factor for camels not to feel thirsty for a long time, and camels have additional tusks that distinguish them from other ruminant animals.

Do Camels Know Their Owner

Camels are among the creatures that get acquainted with humans, but rather know their owner and distinguish him from his voice and smell

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