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Tooth Decay And Its Solutions


Treatment of tooth decay is largely related to the degree of decay, its seriousness, and health status in general. Treatments include:

Fluoride treatment.

- Composite fillings.

- Age nerve treatment.

- Putting a complete tooth cover used to restore and repair damaged teeth.

- Tooth extraction.

Prevention of tooth decay

Maintaining regular oral and dental hygiene helps prevent tooth decay. If you follow the following advice and instructions, you can prevent tooth decay or rot, which includes the following:

- Brushing teeth after eating or drinking.

- mouth rinse.

- Visit a dentist regularly.

- Examine the possibility of tightening the gaps between the teeth.

- Drinking water from the taps if it is guaranteed to be free of germs and microbes.

- Refrain as much as possible from eating snacks and sweetened drinks.

- Eat foods that strengthen dental health.

- Use antibacterials when necessary and after consulting a doctor.

Alternative therapies

Herbs do not treat tooth decay, but they may help relieve the pain of tooth decay, including the following:

- ginger.

- thyme.

- turmeric.

- Yarrow herb

- mint

- chamomile.

- the Garlic.

- cloves

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