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Ticket to Paradise grossed $1 million in one week worldwide


film Ticket to Paradise

The revenues of the new drama and comedy film, Ticket to Paradise, starring international actor George Clooney and international actress Julia Roberts, increased by one million dollars within a week, bringing the total revenues to 167 million and 723 thousand dollars, since its launch in various theaters since September 8th. last year 2022.

Ticket to Paradise revenues were divided into 68 million and 248 thousand dollars in American theaters, and 99 million and 474 thousand dollars in various theaters around the world.

Ticket To Paradise is about Wren Butler, a recent University of Chicago graduate who accompanies her best friend Lily on a post-graduation trip to Bali, but Lily's sudden decision to marry a Balinese causes her parents to join a team to try to stop her from repeating the mistake they made years ago. 25 years old.

Therefore, "Ren" stays in Bali to attend the engagement and wedding celebrations, and in the meantime, she finds her love with a local doctor, and the film is scheduled to be released in theaters around the world, starting on October 21.

The new film stars: Kaitlyn Dever, Julia Roberts, George Clooney, Billy Lourd, Lucas Bravo, Senait Mbarahto, Talha Senturk, Maxime Potter, Moran Kane, Sean Lynch, written and directed by Ol Parker, and written by Daniel Pepski.

The duo, George Clooney and Julia Roberts, are always considered one of the most successful duos in Hollywood, which was recently repeated in their new movie, Ticket To Paradise. Bored with Julia Roberts during the shooting of their latest movie.

Clooney added, "Julia Roberts was alone and did not take any of her family members on the island where we were filming the movie, unlike what I did, where I accompanied my entire family, and my wife was with me all the time."

And he continued jokingly: "So I had to wake up every morning to find Julia on the doorstep of our house knocking on the door, and we had to add a meal every day for her, because she did not miss any day, except that she spent it with us throughout the filming period."

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