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Pope Francis is in solidarity with the earthquake victims in Syria and Turkey


Pope Francis

Pope Francis, the Pope of the Vatican, and the head of the Catholic Church, expressed his solidarity with the victims of the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, and thanked the people involved in the relief efforts and operations, and called on everyone to show solidarity with the earthquake victims.

The Pope of the Vatican said in a tweet via his official Twitter account: "Let us pray together for the people of Turkey and Syria who were severely hit by the earthquake, leaving thousands dead and wounded. I thank the people committed to the relief operations and encourage everyone to show solidarity."

Sheikh Al-Azhar in solidarity with the earthquake victims

On the other hand, His Eminence, the Grand Imam, Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayyib, Sheikh of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, mourned the victims of the devastating earthquakes in Syria and Turkey, and the Eminence of the Imam said in a post on the social networking site Facebook, “Our hearts broke with pain because of the horrific scenes as a result of the violent earthquake that struck Syria.” And Turkey, I call on the world to rise up in order to provide relief to the besieged and afflicted, to extend a helping hand to the wounded and the homeless, and to rush to save lives from under the rubble.. May God have mercy on your weak servants.

Countries of the world continue to provide aid

In a related context, the countries of the world continued, today, Wednesday, to provide aid to earthquake victims in Syria and Turkey.

For its part, Kazakhstan sent a second plane to Turkey carrying a group of rescue teams and medical supplies, to participate in rescue operations and search for victims of the devastating earthquake.


The Kazakh Emergencies Ministry stated, according to (Russia Today) news channel, that the second plane includes 60 people, including rescuers and doctors, adding that search and rescue operations will be concentrated in Antakya.

For its part, Russia has sent a rescue team to Turkey, to participate in the relief and rescue work in the stricken areas hit by the devastating earthquake.


Russia Today news channel also reported that the Russian rescue team is working with the latest tools in the world in the field of rescue.


In turn, Daniel Martynov, Advisor to the Russian Minister of Emergencies, said, "The team consists of more than 100 rescuers, all of whom are internationally qualified and have work experience all over the world." He added, "The team has all the necessary equipment and a group of specialists accompanied by trained dogs to search for those trapped under rubble," noting that the team also has a mobile hospital to help the injured.

Russian Emergencies Minister Alexander Korenkov ordered an additional group of rescuers to be sent to quake-hit Turkey.


"The minister ordered an additional group of rescuers to be sent to Turkey, and at the moment, rescuers are being prepared for the trip to the emergency zone," the press service of the Russian Emergencies Ministry reported, noting that in all, more than 100 rescuers have arrived carrying out search and rescue work in the province. Kahramanmaraş which was hit the most.

In the context, the Sultanate of Oman operated an air bridge to transport relief and medical materials to the areas affected by the earthquake that struck Syria and Turkey. To provide aid and assistance based on its humanitarian duty.


The Omani News Agency stated that the Civil Defense and Ambulance Authority is participating in the search and rescue operations in southern Turkey due to the earthquake, as it left today via the Royal Omani Air Force, adding that since the Turkish authorities announced the earthquake, the Civil Defense and Ambulance Authority has communicated with the International Search and Rescue Advisory Authority of The United Nations Office (INSARAG), stressing that this force is in full readiness to participate in search and rescue efforts.

She explained that since the Turkish authorities announced the earthquake, the Civil Defense and Ambulance Authority contacted the International Search and Rescue Advisory Board of the United Nations Office (INSARAG), and confirmed that this force is fully prepared to participate in the search and rescue efforts.


An 82-member Chinese rescue team has also arrived at Turkey's Adana Airport, after traveling more than 8,000 km on a chartered Air China plane to assist rescue efforts in quake-affected areas in Turkey.


According to the Chinese News Agency, the head of the Chinese rescue team, Zhao Ming, said that based on the local conditions, the Chinese rescue team immediately started the unloading and transportation work, and coordinated with the Chinese Embassy in Turkey, the local government and relevant UN agencies as soon as possible, explaining that the team Undertake specific search and rescue missions based on the progress of the rescue operation at the moment, and plan to send a rescue team to survey the mission site and select safe and suitable places to set up camps.

In turn, the deputy head of the Chinese rescue team, Wang Mo, explained that as a UN-approved heavy urban search and rescue team, the team is equipped with excellent personnel and resources, and can conduct search and rescue operations in two different work sites at the same time, "adding that the team will use life detectors." video, medical equipment and rescue dogs to the disaster area and the search and rescue operation will begin immediately.


For its part, Mexico announced sending "rescue dogs" to Turkey after the devastating earthquake that hit the south of the country, especially since Mexico is famous for its highly trained search and rescue dogs.


CNN reported that the dog team is scheduled to head to Adana, a city in southern Turkey near the epicenter.


Yesterday, Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard announced the dispatch of a search and rescue team to Turkey, comprising 35 search and rescue experts from the Mexican Army's Immediate Emergency Response Team, 37 Navy personnel and 15 members of the Red Cross.

Kenyan Foreign Minister Alfred Mutua also indicated - according to Turkish "A News" television - that his country intends to send search and rescue teams to help both Turkey and Syria after the devastating earthquake that left thousands dead and injured.


"We are coordinating with other government agencies to be able to send specialized search and rescue teams to the two countries to assist in the ongoing operations," Mutua said, adding that his country will send aid to alleviate the human suffering in Turkey, calling on Kenyans to donate supplies including food, clothes and medicine in addition to to funds to aid relief efforts in affected areas of Turkey.


Mutua called on volunteers, especially doctors, nurses and other medical personnel, to travel to the affected areas to provide much needed assistance to the rescued and injured.

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