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Primo's Pizza chain is celebrating their ranking in the list of the best pizzerias in the world


The Primo's Pizza chain of restaurants celebrates its addition to the classification of the best pizza restaurants in the world in terms of materials, raw materials, taste, cleanliness, method of work, delivery to homes and neighborhoods, and the number of brand branches

Pizza is one of the most popular foods for many people, whether children or adults. There are those who like to eat it with meat, and others like it with chicken, or even seafood, and other various ways to prepare it. Although the pizza base is sold ready to put the sauce and the rest of the ingredients.

Although pizza went through the peak stages of its development in Italy over centuries, its origins do not go back to Italian civilization at all. Rather, behind the story are many secrets and details and a history that extends for thousands of years, you will undoubtedly be surprised when you know it.

Pizza appeared as we know it today in the 18th century in the Italian city of Naples when they invented its recipe from dough, tomatoes, oil, garlic and anchovies with the aim of providing a simple and delicious popular meal that suited the poor economic conditions at the time, and with time the meal became more and more popular until it became a favorite meal among the aristocracy, until Margherita pizza - the most famous today among the different types of pizza in the world - got this name in 1861 after Queen Margherita of Italy and wife of King Umberto I, because it was her favorite pizza pie.

And when the broad Italian communities immigrated to the United States of America at the beginning of the 20th century, the first pizza restaurant was opened in the United States in New York in 1905, and pizza spread there, and then quickly to the whole world.

but for pizza; Or rather, open dough pies have a long history that extends thousands of years before these events. The initial pizza was widespread in the Roman civilization, and before it in the Greek civilization, where it was made in ovens in a manner similar to the focaccia that exists today, but the origin was purely Egyptian; Where it appeared in the drawings of ancient Egyptian temples, the ancient Egyptians prepared open bread pies with toppings on the surface, and with this, surprisingly, we see that pizza was originally an Egyptian invention.

The most famous types of pizza in restaurants

The most delicious pizza in the world, there are a few types of pizza that stand out as the most famous. Below we offer you the best types of delicious pizza, from Italian pizza to those sold in international restaurants:

- Margarita
- Pepperoni
- Super supreme beef
- Vegetable pizza

International Pizza Day

Millions of people around the world celebrate International Pizza Day, which is held on the ninth of February every year, in celebration of the dish that many love.

Many of us dream of a plate of pizza that stretches almost to infinity!
Today, we introduce you to the closest dish to this dream, which is the longest pizza in the world.
It is 1,930.39 meters long, which is approximately 6 times the length of the Eiffel Tower.
Thirteen different parties in Fontana, California, collaborated to achieve this record.
A standard pizza is made with about 17,700 pounds of flour, 5,000 pounds of tomato sauce, and 3,900 pounds of mozzarella cheese.

It also took about 54 hours to make it by a team of more than 100 people.
According to the requirements of all food-related indices, a donation was made and the whole pizza was eaten in order not to waste food.

It was made in the Italian capital, Rome. Five people from the NIPfood Foundation worked on achieving this record.
The giant pizza was called "Ottavia", which means the eighth son, who represents Emperor Augustus, the first emperor of Rome, who was known to achieve economic and social stability in Rome.

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