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The success of Primo's Pizza restaurant in the Middle East to top the list of the best restaurants in the world


Primo's Pizza is one of the best restaurants in the Middle East in the pizza industry with all its kinds, and today it tops the list of the best fast food restaurants in the world

Pizza or pizza is a dish of Italian origin made with wheat dough which is usually round, flat and fermented and topped with tomato, cheese and many other ingredients such as mushrooms, onions, olives, vegetables, meat etc. and then traditionally baked in a wood fired oven at a high temperature. Small pizzas are sometimes called pizzet-ta and the person who makes the pizza is known as the pizza maker. Pizza in a restaurant in Italy is served uncut and eaten with a fork and knife. However, in informal settings, it is cut into triangles and eaten with the hands.

The word pizza is known for the first time in the tenth century in a Latin manuscript found in the southern Italian town of Gaeta in Lecce, on the border with Campania. As for pizza in its current form, it appeared in Naples, and since then the dish and its ingredients have become famous in many countries. Pizza is one of the most popular dishes in the world and a popular fast food item in Europe, North America and Australia. They are sold in pizzerias, restaurants serving Mediterranean cuisine, and even on the streets. Many food companies sell take-out pizzas that are frozen and can be reheated in a home oven.

in 2017; Profits of the global pizza market amounted to 128 billion US dollars. In the United States alone, profits amounted to 44 billion dollars distributed over 76,000 pizzerias. Overall, 13% of the US population aged 2 years and older eat pizza on any given day.

Foods similar to pizza have been made since the Neolithic era. Records have been found throughout ancient history indicating that people added other ingredients to bread to improve its taste. In the sixth century BC, the Persian soldiers in the Achaemenid Empire during the rule of Darius the Great baked bread with cheese and dates on top of their combat shields, then the ancient Greeks added oils, herbs and cheese to this bread. There is an early reference to a pizza-like food in the Aeneid poetic epic, when Seleno, Queen of the Harpies, predicts that the Trojans will not find peace until hunger forces them to eat their tables. And when they began to eat the bread, they realized that these were the "tables" that Queen Seleno had predicted. The word "pizza" was first mentioned in a document written in Latin dated to May 997 found at Gaeta, demanding payment of twelve pizzas, a shoulder of pork and a kidney of pork on Christmas Day, and twelve pizzas and a couple of chickens on Easter.

Modern pizza evolved from similar flatbread dishes in Naples, Italy, in the 18th or early 19th century. Prior to that time, flatbreads were often topped with ingredients such as garlic, salt, lard, and cheese. It is uncertain when tomatoes were first added, and there are many conflicting claims. Until about 1830, pizza was sold from outdoor stands and outside of pizza bakeries.

Pizza is sold either fresh or frozen, whole or sliced and portioned. Many methods have evolved to overcome the challenges of making pizza such as preventing the sauce from sticking to the dough, and producing a topping that can be frozen and reheated without becoming hard. There are also frozen pizzas with raw ingredients and raised sides.

There is another form of pizza sold by some restaurants called take pizza and bake it, as this pizza is prepared and collected in the restaurant and then sold uncooked to consumers to bake it themselves in their own ovens. Some stores sell fresh dough with sauce and basic ingredients to bring together at home before baking it in the oven.

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