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Al-Kuraimi Bank withdraws its ATM fees and explains the reasons


Al-Kuraimi Microfinance Bank in Yemen announced today that it was retracting a step that sparked a wave of criticism, which was imposing fees on withdrawals from ATMs.

The company said in a statement, a copy of which was obtained by Nashwan News, “We have followed with great interest all your questions regarding withdrawal fees from our ATMs, which were recently approved as a result of the requirements for operating the service continuously and 24 hours a day, which is represented by the presence of additional costs.”

He pointed out that the cost came to provide “safe, usable cash in large denominations, and the fees that were allocated were to cover part of the costs and to ensure that you receive the service in a way that meets your needs and makes it easy for you to request it at any time.”

However, the bank said, “Because the bank’s top priority is always to provide distinguished and quality services that meet your needs, even in the darkest circumstances, and out of belief in the importance of listening to the opinions of our customers and working to meet their needs, which is a vital matter and one of our main priorities, and in response to your comments and opinions.”

He added, “We announce the availability of withdrawals from all ATMs without any fees, and the bank will bear all costs resulting from that, in confirmation of our efforts to provide high-quality services that are easy to request and in line with your needs in all regions of Yemen. Thank you for your trust in us, and we wish everyone a wonderful experience.”

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Al-Kuraimi Islamic Microfinance Bank

Al-Kuraimi Islamic Microfinance Bank has a vision to have an “account in every Yemeni home” to contribute to economic and social development and to improving the lives of the individual and society through various financial services. With accumulated experience of more than forty years, it established this economic edifice to provide its services to citizens in all governorates, cities and districts. Our services reached from Socotra to Saada and from Al-Mahra to Bab Al-Mandab.

We work professionally and professionally, far from any narrow affiliation. We serve the citizen and take sides in serving him, and in the most difficult circumstances. We have trained the human staff, developed and equipped the branches and offices with modern equipment and technologies to keep pace with the best international practices in financial and banking services, so that we can continue to provide services despite all the difficult circumstances.

Al-Kuraimi Islamic Microfinance Bank is always with you in prosperity and hardship, in the mountains, valleys, deserts, coasts and islands. Our goal is to provide quality service efficiently and effectively. We are committed to and practice the values that we grew up and raised on in commitment, honesty, clarity, transparency, respect, love of goodness for others, and social responsibility.

We do not look back or listen to those calling for demolition, but rather we move forward and look and look to the future with optimism and hope, despite all the difficulties, because our sublime goal is to serve the citizen, and in any place and time, we are always with you.

the message

Contributing to economic and social development to improve the standard of living of the individual and society, and continuing to excel in assuming a leadership position in providing diverse, qualitative, and innovative financial services and solutions centered around customer requirements to all segments of Yemeni society at home and abroad through exemplary customer service, using the latest technologies, and developing cost-effective professional mechanisms. Adapting to developments and changes so that the bank’s work continues in the most difficult circumstances and achieves good returns for depositors and shareholders.

Customer focus:

The customer is the bank's focus and we will refine existing services and provide various financial services and solutions


Spread / Umm Flus:

Expanding outreach to reach all segments of society at home and abroad, in every neighborhood and village, around the clock



Continue investing in capacity building, modernization and development of a sustainable Islamic microfinance bank that uses international practices and standards

Digitization of bank services:

Continuing to innovate and digitize the bank’s operations by adding strategic value to the bank and its customers by making the most of the best and latest technologies

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