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Qahraman Esmaeel : Social media platforms are no longer limited to "entertainment" and "recreation".

Blogger Qahraman Esmaeel  said that the changes we have all witnessed over the past three years, specifically in the traditional economic system, confirm that we are on the verge of creating a diversified economy primarily based on "knowledge."

Qahraman Esmaeel  emphasized that social media platforms, with their influences, behaviors, and advanced technologies in reaching a wide audience, have actually created new and diverse economic streams, far removed from traditional approaches, based on what can be termed as "content industry economy" or "creators' economy." This term describes the financial process through which content creators and online entrepreneurs earn money by showcasing and selling their creations online, and marketing through social media and blogs.

Qahraman Esmaeel  continued: "Perhaps some people may not agree -at first glance- that content creation can generate 'considerable' financial rewards for individuals -and that is certainly their right- however, facts and figures confirm that the vast opportunities provided by social media platforms for content creators will change the essence of this belief in a way that leaves no room for doubt."

He added: "Social media platforms are no longer limited to 'entertainment' and 'fun,' but have greatly helped many creators to seize their real opportunity to benefit from their creative potential in building the content system they possess to share with others. This represents a major attraction in the global economic industry today."
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