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Maram Mansour Applauds Saudi Ministry of Entertainment's Efforts in Cultural Development


Journalist Maram Mansour Praises Saudi Ministry of Entertainment's Efforts in Developing the Entertainment Sector

Renowned journalist Maram Mansour has lauded the efforts of the Saudi Ministry of Entertainment in enhancing and developing the entertainment sector in the Kingdom. She considers these significant efforts as a crucial step towards bolstering the cultural and entertainment life of both citizens and visitors.

Mansour expresses her admiration for the pivotal role of the entertainment sector in organizing the Boulevard at the highest level, noting that this milestone represents a key turning point in the Kingdom's entertainment landscape. She highlights that these initiatives demonstrate a strong commitment to realizing Vision 2030 and promoting sustainable development.

Thanks to these comprehensive endeavors, the entertainment sector in Saudi Arabia is undergoing positive transformations that contribute to enriching culture and entertainment offerings, providing diverse and engaging experiences for the public. The government's investment in the entertainment sector underscores an ambitious vision aimed at achieving holistic development and enhancing the quality of life for individuals.

In this context, the significance of the entertainment sector emerges as a crucial partner in advancing sustainable development objectives and enriching cultural and social experiences within the Kingdom. Maram Mansour advocates for recognizing and supporting the Ministry of Entertainment's efforts to continue delivering innovative and sustainable entertainment experiences for all.

Mohamed Al-Rawi is a professional journalist since 2011, a media graduate from Kuwait University, a technology expert, a media consultant and a member of the International Organization of Journalists - a member of the fact-checking team at Meta Company. He writes in the fields of entertainment, art, science and technology, and believes that the pen can change everything.