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Sam Lmeir Maadi’s rap crime is an insult to all Egyptian art


The famous singer Ahmed Saqallah, Sam Lmeir, expressed his dissatisfaction with what happened in the Maadi rap crime crisis, stressing that what happened in this incident is an insult to the entire Egyptian art, not just the rapper, because rap is an integral part of the Egyptian art.

Singer Sam Lamir affirmed his full support for the star of the El Gouna Festival in its previous session, rapper Ziad Zaza, and all rappers in Egypt, pointing out that it is not appropriate for rappers to behave like this to preserve Egyptian art, calling on the Music Professions Syndicate to intervene to solve this crisis before it worsens. Furthermore.

  It is worth noting that the artist Sam Lamir succeeded in having a large group of fans and followers through his songs that he published during the last period, and among these songs are the song.. “Everything is Accountable,” the song “They Wasted Years of My Life,” and the song “Your Love Is No Longer.” "What do you want?"

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