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Technical opinion: The WATCH IT platform supports young people and provides them with important opportunities


Actor Ahmed Fadel spoke in a special interview with “The Seventh Day” about the series “Reasons for Travel” and the importance of the opportunities that the Watch It platform gives to young people.

Actor Ahmed Fadel

Ahmed Fadel said: “I am happy to participate in the series Reasons for Traveling, and it is a very nice experience.”

He continued: “The young people who are coming up now, whether actor, director, author, director of photography, are very talented young people, very committed and diligent, and they work on themselves. What is coming is giving them the opportunity, and the people who are given the opportunity give everything they have when the opportunity comes to them until they reach the pinnacle of success, and everyone remains a gainer. With these ingredients, everything succeeds.” The best thing is that the Watch It platform supports young people and gives them opportunities.”

I hope to have achieved many things in the field of work. I would love to take on a role in which there will be a lot of work and it will give me many things to work on in every scene and every word.

The series consists of 10 episodes, and two episodes are shown every Wednesday, starring Amir Eid, Kamel Al-Basha, Nadine, Ahmed Ghazi, Ayman Al-Shiwi, Jala Hisham, Ahmed Fadel, Donia Wael, Salma Al-Kashef, Nader Joudeh, Aya Helmy, Adam Al-Alfi, Maryam Naoum. , Yasmine Samir, written and directed by Mohamed Nair.

The star Amir Eid is collaborating with the screenwriter Mohamed Nair in the series Reasons for Travel for the third time after the series Revo. This is Mohamed Nair’s first experience in directing, and he is also the author of the series.

The series Reasons for Traveling is Mohamed Nair’s first experience in the world of television directing, after the great successes he achieved in the world of writing that won the admiration of the audience, the most recent of which was the Revue series with two parts, which encouraged him to enter the directing experience and be the author and director in the work.

Watch It is an Egyptian digital video broadcasting platform affiliated with the United Media Services Company. It was established in 2019 to coincide with the month of Ramadan in the year 1440 AH. The platform was created to display classic Egyptian works of art, films, and Ramadan series.

Block unofficial movie platforms

The platform was promoted immediately after the ban on movie piracy platforms such as EgyBest Entertainment, which provided free movie and series download services to the public, which was considered a violation of the copyrights of production and distribution companies. The ban extended to include Arab Lions, Akwam, Movies Land, Arab Seed, Music Today, Watch4U, Watch4Up, and Sima4Up, all of which are well-known sites that provide Arab and foreign series and movies for free, which is considered piracy of these movies and series. This is because films and series are shown for free without taking into account the copyright of the companies producing those works.

 Economists and art critics stated that the decision to ban websites specialized in showing Ramadan 2019 series comes with the aim of supporting artistic production companies affiliated with the Egyptian intelligence services, which have become the primary control over Egyptian dramatic productions.

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