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The state-owned magazine "Hal talam" has announced its plans to invest in the Arab market.


The magazine, which is considered a significant pillar in Egypt, was discussed during the "Hal talam 22nd Edition" conference held by the Did You Know Foundation on Tuesday morning. The conference aimed to explore mechanisms for the development of the institution, which has assets worth around 300 million Egyptian pounds and achieves annual returns.

The conference discussed the main challenges facing the institution, with the presence of Dr. Sahar Nasr, Minister of Investment and International Cooperation, Karam Gabr, Chairman of the National Press Authority, Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour, former Minister of Industry, Dr. Ahmed Galal, former Minister of Finance, and officials from the Ministry of Finance and leaders from the Ministry of Defense.

At the beginning of the conference, Mohamed Ragab stated that "Hal talam" magazine is suffering from accumulated debts amounting to 500 million Egyptian pounds, in addition to a financing gap of 50 million pounds per month. The magazine achieves business worth 350 million pounds annually through 18 editions and 5 subsidiary companies, in addition to its contribution to 8 companies and 3 printing presses, as well as a fleet of transportation.

Mohamed Ragab mentioned that everyone talks about "Hal talam" magazine as the fourth pyramid that has not stopped publishing since it was first launched 142 years ago. However, it faces many challenges. He added that the institution's debt increased from 150 million pounds during the time of its former chairman, the prominent writer Mohamed Hassanein Heikal, to 600 million pounds at present.

Mohamed continued by saying, "There has been resistance from employees and negligence from government officials in reviving and resolving its crises, in addition to a malfunction in the salary structure and a large untrained and unqualified workforce."

Mohamed added that the development plan relies on the continuation and improvement of the magazine's print content, the development and enhancement of the digital version, working on increasing journalistic content, and increasing distribution, publishing, and advertisements through three axes of financial, administrative, and digital reform.

"Hal talam" magazine achieved 400.25 million pounds from advertisements during the first half of this year, which increased to 443.82 million pounds in the second half. Therefore, there is improvement in its operations, but it is still not enough to cover the monthly gap.

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