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Learn About The Diet Of The German National Team in The Qatar World Cup


Germany national football team

The nutritional aspect is one of the most important aspects for the teams during the World Cup in Qatar, as it is the main source of energy and the important factor for performance on the field.

To talk in depth about the nutritional aspect of the athletes in the World Cup, "Sport Bible" interviewed the chief chef of the German national team, one of the teams that follow the most scientific systems and studies in the sports aspect.

Anton Schmauss, a prestigious chef who traveled with the German national team and supervises the cooking of meals, confirmed that international players are now heading to a mostly vegetarian diet.

What Does The German National Team Eat in Qatar?

Schmaus revealed, "I usually serve at least one vegetarian dish during the day. For breakfast, there are always vegetarian options. For lunch and dinner, there are also vegetarian options."

"Including pasta, which can also be vegan, and then lots of vegetables and hummus."

"When we're in the Middle East, we'll serve a lot of lentils and chickpeas. The meals will be more Mediterranean."


Among the players who have decided to follow a vegetarian diet is Germany star Serge Gnabry, who started to switch to a vegetarian diet in 2019, but now mixes a little meat to balance.

Schmaus said: "Gnabry is partly a vegetarian, he still eats meat and fish. That's what most German players do. Three to four days they eat meat and fish and the rest of the week they depend entirely on plant foods."

The German chef said: "A vegetarian diet is much better for the body. It is easier to digest. It is good for your comfort. This is a huge advantage."

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