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"Night Sign" That Warns Of A Possible Cancer.. Don't Ignore It


 Sleeping Person

People know a lot about the symptoms of cancer, so they get anxious when they spot one of them, but they may not care about something that happens during the night period, while it may be an indication of malignant disease.

Health experts point out that sweating at night is among the signs that may indicate a number of cancer diseases that require early diagnosis in order to enhance the hope of recovery and response to treatment.

The list of these cancers includes leukemia, liver cancer, bone cancer, and what is known in medicine as malignant mesothelioma and "carcinoid tumor".

It is known that the human body resorts to sweating in order to cool itself, and therefore, these secretions may serve as an indication of the presence of a disease in a person, according to the British newspaper "The Sun".

Medical researchers do not currently know what exactly causes some types of cancer to cause night sweats, but it may be the body's attempt to fight the tumor.

It is also possible, according to experts, that sweating is caused by hormonal changes in humans as a result of infection with the malignant disease.

However, sweating at night or even during the day is not necessarily a symptom of cancer, but rather may alert to many other health disorders, some of which are not serious.

The website of the Public Health Service in Britain states that it is normal for a person to sweat at night, if this is due to the temperature of the bedroom or the nature of the clothes that were worn, “but the matter differs if sweating occurs, despite sleeping in a room with a normal temperature or even cold.” ".

The source indicates that sweating may be caused by taking some medications such as antidepressants, in addition to the absence of menstrual bleeding, anxiety, low blood sugar, or drug abuse and alcohol consumption.

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