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The Importance Of Positive Thinking For Success


Thinking of something

Positive thinking is a way and method to enhance the optimism of the individual, and certainly positive thinking does not mean that the individual lives in an ideal world like a rainbow that is not marred by obstacles and difficulties, but rather means responding to negative situations and situations that the individual may be exposed to with positivity and optimism.

Ways to promote positivity

There are many methods that can be followed to enhance the positivity of the individual in all aspects of his life, including the following:

Satisfaction and gratitude

One of the most important ways to be committed to being positive and getting rid of negativity and disappointments is to feel contentment and gratitude for everything we have in life. The sun in every morning, and many positive things that pass in an individual's life, and it is important to express gratitude to others and thank them for the help or service they provided us.

The Smile

 smile has a charming effect on many aspects of life despite its simplicity. It contributes to deceiving the mind to make it more positive. Therefore, it is advised to always smile even if there is no reason to smile, such as smiling while driving a car or going to work. A smile works to change what the individual feels internally.


Optimism is the most prominent characteristic of a positive person. An optimist is always full of hope. He does not give in to failure and considers it a step on the path to success. He can accept the opinions of others with open arms. He also likes to help others and give them advice in a positive way. He only speaks in positive terms that inspire optimism. Therefore, optimism and expectation of all that is positive are among the most important qualities that must be possessed in order to reflect on life and make it a life filled with positivity.

Health benefits of positive thinking

Researchers continue their efforts to explore the effects of positive thinking and optimism on health. The health benefits that positive thinking may provide include:

- Prolonging the enjoyment of a healthy life

- Reducing rates of depression

- Reducing stress and pain levels

- High resistance against diseases

- Enjoy better mental and physical health

- Improve cardiovascular health and reduce the risk of death from cardiovascular diseases and strokes

- Reducing the risk of dying from cancer

- Reducing the risk of death from pathological respiratory conditions

- Reducing the risk of death from infection

- Improved coping skills during difficult and stressful times

Negative Thinking

Are you unsure whether your self-talk is positive or negative? Some common forms of negative self -talk include:

-  Purification. Exaggerating the negative aspects of a situation and ignoring all the positive aspects. For example, you had a great day at work. You completed all your tasks ahead of time and were complimented for finishing the task quickly and accurately. But in the evening you just focus on your plan to get more done and forget about the compliments you received.

- Personalizing things. When something bad happens, you automatically blame yourself. For example, you hear that your night out with friends is canceled and you assume that plans have changed because no one wants you around.

- fabricating disasters. You automatically expect the worst without having the facts that the worst will happen. The cafe takes your order while you're in your car, you get an order other than what you want, and then you think the rest of your day is going to be a disaster.

- Blame. You try to say that someone else is responsible for what happened to you instead of you. This way you avoid taking responsibility for your thoughts and feelings.

- Saying “you should have” done something. You think about all the things you think you should have done and blame yourself for not doing them.

- exaggeration. Creates a lot of minor problems.

- Search for perfection. Maintaining impossible standards and trying to be more perfect risks failure.

- polarity. You see things as either good or bad. There are no middle grounds.

Where do negative thoughts come from

The reason behind negative thoughts is that you keep thinking about something but you don't take any action to carry it out because these negative thoughts never allow you to. Never be afraid to try because when you start something, you don't expect to achieve it and you have nothing to lose. So, trying should be your only option.

How do I know if my thinking is correct

Right thinking means looking at the whole situationthe positive, the negative, and the neutral parts and then coming to a conclusion. In other words, healthy thinking means looking at life and the world in a balanced way, not through rose-glasses.

The most beautiful thing said about positivity

- Select what you want to change.

- Rate yourself.

- Be open to banter.

- Follow a healthy lifestyle.

- Mix positive people.

- Try positive self-talk.