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The importance of social networking sites in our world today


social networking

Social media is a technology that is used across the World Wide Web with multiple types of devices; Such as computers, tablets, or even smartphones, and these means allow their users to interact with other users such as family and friends, through what is shared through these means, photos, blogs, videos, and other things provided by social media.

Games, for example, and the use of these means is not limited to individual use, as companies use these means to reach customers, interact with them, place advertisements through these means, or even provide various support services, as these means are based on the principle of exchanging ideas and information and building virtual communities

With the nature of the technological development that is taking place and the emergence of many modern technologies, social networking sites play an important role in our lives, whether it is social, practical, or even educational.

To keep track of current events at all levels and, perhaps most importantly, to entertain. About ourselves, and perhaps all this is why about 4 billion people are now using these communication sites all over the world, in other words more than 52% of the total population of the planet use social networking sites.

The importance of social networking sites lies in achieving continuous communication and supporting volunteer work, so we can say that it aims to achieve prosperity for humanity and make life easier and more comfortable.

What is the importance of social networking sites

There is no doubt that social networking sites have many benefits, as they are a wide job market, and an educational platform full of knowledge and experiences that a person must benefit from in order to learn new things, and be aware of all daily events, whether local or international.

Marketing or Promotion

Companies of all sizes are betting on the importance of social media. As some reports indicate that 94% of companies use or plan to use these sites to reach customers and consumers, contribute to converting potential consumers into reality, communicate with the public and know their reactions and opinions about the products and services provided.

Gain knowledge and experience

Social networking sites are the most important means through which they can view the latest and various information and acquire skills and experiences for users, either by searching or appearing in front of them by chance while browsing its various windows. Communication sites also provide their users with the ability to view the interests of other active users on these sites. .


Social networking sites allow self-development, expanding concepts, and developing perception, in addition to acquiring communication and speaking skills through these sites, understanding correct expression and writing methods, and getting to know others with different customs, traditions, and genders. Expanding knowledge and cultural awareness. Users can also participate in meaningful groups as groups. Teaching languages, music, etc.

Direct interaction and communication

Social networking sites are an effective means that can be used in direct communication, where every business owner or brand can communicate with consumers, know the success of the project, and measure the performance and quality of the products or services provided.

Get jobs

It saves users time and effort in obtaining the appropriate functions, so we can say that various communication sites have become an urgent necessity in light of the dominant digital world; Where job seekers must enhance their presence on their own pages on social networking sites; To attract companies looking for employees.


You can go to social networking sites as a good way for entertainment and pleasure, as many people use these means when they want to relax and get away from work stress, and see comments and posts from other users.

The most important social media applications

Facebook is the most popular social network on the Internet, with more than two billion active users on a monthly basis on this program, and Facebook contains many different features; As the Facebook Messenger application, which is considered the second most popular messaging application around the world,  Facebook allows its users to share photos, events, or even videos with other users, communicate with friends, and other things, and this social networking site was created by Mark Zuckerberg in the year 2004.

Instagram is a social networking site that allows its users to share different types of multimedia, such as photos and videos, or even download them. This application works on mobile phones that run on different operating systems. As the Android operating system, the iOS operating system, or even the Windows Phone operating system, and to create an account on Instagram, the user must be at least 13 years old, and it is also possible to interact with other users on Instagram by commenting on and liking their posts.

Snapchat, which is a well-known and very popular social networking application, which allows its users to take what is known as snaps and publish photos and videos that disappear automatically after a short time after they are published, and this application is distinguished by its ease of use, and the snapchat contains millions of users .

Twitter is a social networking site that allows its users to publish short posts through it known as tweets, and other people's tweets can be followed or even commented on one of them, and tweets can be used and placed within keywords on Twitter, in addition to the ability to search for any tweets on this site , It should be noted that the maximum number of characters for this tweet is 280 characters, and this site is characterized by its ease of use, and its integration with external services, but it should be noted that it is difficult to find specific people within this application.

These are the most popular social networking sites, and there are many popular networking sites, and the nice thing about that is that each site has its own ideas and way of using it

There are many things that are achieved through social communication, including the relationship between a person and others, which improves significantly, and there are many relationships that contribute to a person revealing what is inside him, and his trust in others also increases, which makes him aware of the relationships around him.

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