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Singing And Music And Their Impact On Human Life


Singer on stage singing

Music and singing support brain functions by stimulating the formation of certain chemicals in the brain, and listening to it increases the neurotransmitter dopamine, and playing music with others or enjoying live music stimulates the brain hormone "oxytocin", which helps to relate to and trust others.

How does singing and music affect your emotions

Listening to music and singing at work can make you a happier and more productive employee, especially if the music is of your own choice. Studies have shown that music lovers already know that listening to music improves your mood.

 Listening to music and singing reduces chronic stress by lowering the stress hormone cortisol. Even listening to sad music also helps you when you are going through a difficult time to empty what is inside you.

Singing combines the three basic elements of music, word and voice. Singing is a natural form of expression, and it is present in all societies and cultures around the world. The person who sings is called a singer. Since ancient times, singing has been a way to express feelings, whether they are feelings of love, belonging, sadness, or joking. And I found different types of singing, such as tarab in the world, opera, pop, rock, rap, and others. Types vary from one country, culture, and language to another.

Idiomatically defined as uttering sound and speech in a harmonious sequence. According to the human body, singing is a technique based on using the lungs as a source of air to blow into the larynx and sound vibrating. On the head and chest cavity are a loudspeaker.

Mood improvement

Studies have shown that listening to singing makes an individual feel happy, helps him regulate his emotions, and helps him relax. Studies have indicated that listening to music that he likes prompts the brain to release a chemical called dopamine, which has positive effects on mood.

Improve verbal and visual skills

Numerous studies have indicated that teaching music and singing at an early age stimulates a child's brain in several ways that help him improve communication skills, visual skills, and verbal skills. Where one study dealt with children between the ages of four to six years, who underwent musical training on rhythm, sound, melody, and basic musical concepts for one month, and this study concluded that music enhanced the ability of children. To understand the words and explain their meaning. And another study found that children who joined music classes away from the school curriculum developed great abilities in verbal intelligence, in addition to that their visual ability was higher than the capabilities of children who did not participate in training, and the ages of children in this. The study ranged from 8 years to 11 years. .

Strengthening the immune system

Research has indicated that listening to singing and music reduces levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, which is responsible for weakening the human immune system, poor memory and learning, increased risk of heart disease, blood pressure, and decreased bone density in the body. This research found that a person who listens to music for only 50 minutes leads to an increase in the level of antibodies in the body.

Music and singing are a mirror in which peoples' civilizations are revealed, and this history reveals this truth to us and shows us pictures of different peoples' mentalities and different ways of thinking about music in different eras.

The impact of music and psychological singing on human life

It expresses human emotions that he cannot express in words, as it is an extension of his natural desire to express himself, and an example of this is Beethoven's Third Symphony, which he responded to the ambitions of Napoleon Bonaparte with a blatant stream of melodies, expressing the emotions of humanity in seeking freedom. And its rejection of injustice, war and blood.

The ancient civilizations of Greece, Egypt, China, and India were able to reach the magic and impact of music on man, to find that they used it in their religious rituals, as a means of transcendence and reaching through it to the degree of transparency.

Judgment and sayings about singing and music

O world Pure singing of new sorrows (Arthur Rimbaud)

Life is a wrecked ship, but we must never forget the pleasure of singing in lifeboats. (Voltaire)

The poet should sing for his people.  (Edmund Clarence Steadman)

The crooning turns into the singing of the sunrise. (Fashel Lindsey)

What a joy it is to dance and sing (Angela Carter)