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Russia going to continue bombing the infrastructure in Ukraine


Vladimir Putin President of Russia

In a televised interview, Russian President Vladimir Putin said today, Thursday, that his forces will continue to bomb Ukraine's energy infrastructure, stressing that his country was not the first to conduct this approach in the war.

Russia's TASS news agency quoted Putin as saying, "Russia targeted Ukraine's energy infrastructure, but it was not the initiator of this, because the first strikes came from those who hit the Crimean bridge."

He added, "The West ignores what Ukraine is doing against Russia, but Moscow's steps and responses always cause a huge wave in the world media.

He added, "The media wave that accompanied the course of the Russian operation will not affect Moscow's movements in Ukraine and the performance of combat missions."

The Russian president stressed that the Air Force "contributes to the effective performance of the Russian forces during the special operation."

Will Russia start using nuclear weapons

Putin's statements about Russia's continued bombing of Ukrainian energy infrastructure came a day after he admitted that the conflict in Ukraine is "long", but he praised what he considered "important results" achieved, referring to his announcement of annexing 4 regions in eastern Ukraine, while talking about the conditions that can be achieved. Moscow to pay for the use of nuclear weapons.

Putin called his country's nuclear arsenal a "deterrent element" in the Ukraine conflict, but protested when asked to promise that Russia would not be the first to use it.

Putin's position came in response to a request from a member of the Human Rights Council that Russia commit itself not to strike first. Putin said such a commitment could prevent Russia from using its nuclear arsenal even if it was attacked.

If you do not use it first under any circumstances, this means that it will not be the second to use it either, because the possibility of using it in the event of a nuclear strike on our land will be greatly restricted.

He pointed out that Russia's nuclear doctrine is based on the so-called "launch to warn" principle, which envisages the country's employment of its nuclear weapons in the face of an imminent nuclear threat.

"This means that if we are hit, we will hit back," Putin said.

Human Rights Aware of the devastation caused by nuclear war to all mankind, and the need, therefore, to make all possible efforts to avert the danger of such a war and to take the necessary measures to preserve the security of peoples,

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