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What does the word "love" mean in different languages


Two happy people who love each other

Love is a variety of positive feelings and emotional states. These feelings range from the highest virtuous morals to the simplest daily good habits.

Meaning of the word "love" in different languages. In Latin, the word "love" means "to cherish." In English, love is a strong positive emotion that is sometimes romantic, but can also refer to friendship or familial love. In some languages, love is a term that denotes an intense feeling of affection.

Love as a feeling of deep affection;

- love as a bond or bond that connects people or things;

- love as a spiritual feeling or connection with a higher power;

Love as a feeling of infatuation or passion;

- love as the feeling of attachment to a person or thing;

- love as a feeling of interest or desire for someone or something;

Love as a feeling of sexual desire.

The nature or essence of love is a subject of frequent and widespread debate, and various aspects of the word can be illustrated or defined by identifying love sometimes with friendship, although the word love is usually applied to close friendships.

What are the qualities of true love

-  person must have a sincere and genuine desire to give to another.

That this desire be present all the time, transparent and stable, and not be subjected to any bouts of ups and downs and instability.

- Giving satisfaction and happiness to the other party.

He fulfills his needs, and does not depend this fulfillment on certain conditions or circumstances.

- It helps the other party to accept and love themselves

This is one of the most difficult equations in true love. Because we often want the other party to be as detailed as we want, and we push them hard to change.

Of course, this does not contradict our desire to change or talk about some

Characteristics especially if they are central like miserliness, for example.

But the talk here is about providing an atmosphere of love and acceptance that pushes a person to change

People love things, principles and goals that they strongly believe in or adhere to, hence the love of those who adhere to these principles and goals and those who work towards achieving them. This is an example of impersonal love born of strong religious, political, and intellectual convictions. A person can also love material things. Inanimate objects and animals, and sexual passion for these things may come to be known as paraphilia in psychology. Another common example is that humans love life itself.

How long does a love affair last

love and how many years love continues to glow; The study also estimated that the love life is three years; Where the researcher in American sociology, "William Robson," says that when love reaches the end of its three-year life, the light of love dims, and it may take nearly a year for the two parties to the love relationship to realize this bitter truth that surrounds the shared life. Unfortunately, this great love may turn into hatred, aversion, neglect and lack of interest, and in many cases it may happen that one of the parties tries to get rid of his life partner.

The topic has become confusing for many, both young men and women, especially in adolescence

You find someone whose opinion and decisions you trust, and make him your advisor, and you cannot do without him or consult him in your affairs. If you find someone whose personality, decisions, and opinions you trust, know that they may be the true love you are looking for.

 person before love is something, when he loves something, and after love, nothing

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