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Isabel Allende begins writing her new novel


Isabel Allende

Chilean novelist Isabel Allende announced the start of writing her new novel, as she used to, on January 8, when she said on her Facebook account: “As I always used to, I started writing my new novel on January 8, which is a tradition I adopted for forty years. I start writing my new work.

She added: Of course, I do not know anything about the lines of my new work, but I hope that a visitor will visit me writing, since the eighties, and I have been doing this since I was in Caracas, Venezuela, moving between the kitchen, the street, and the rooms of my house while I am thinking about the novel that I am working on, but the start date for writing is fixed January 8. .

Chilean novelist Isabel Allende topped the Spanish-language bestseller lists during 2022 for her latest novel, Violetta, which was expected in light of the author's dominance over the Spanish-speaking world. Millions of copies of the novel, Violetta, have been sold with the characteristics of Allende's literature, which has become a favorite among the public. The first of which is to cover a long period of time when narrating, as the novel starts from 1920 and ends in 2020, to recount the history of a hundred years of life in a narrative whose heroine is Jeddah that attended three epidemics, as if the history of the world was shaped by epidemics such as the Spanish flu and the Corona virus.

Isabel Allende's novels are concerned with the human struggle that she highlights in all her novels, as well as with history, where she is very interested in the idea of linking the past with the present, and although it is an idea that distinguishes Latin literature in general, it is more evident in the world of Isabel Allende's novels, as the novel moment is considered a bridge or a crossing between the past and the present, and it is so. .

Isabel Allende

 Chilean novelist, born on August 2, 1942, has won many important literary awards, and is always nominated for the Nobel Prize. Her writings are classified under magical realism, and she is active in the field of women's rights and global liberation. Among her most important novels: The House of Spirits, Evaluna, and Beyond Winter.

From 1959 to 1965 Allende worked for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in Santiago, and later in Brussels, and elsewhere in Europe. Allende returned to Chile in 1966, and since 1967 began working on the editorial board of Paola magazine, and then Mambato children's magazine. Her daughter, Paula, was born in 1963, and in 1966 her son, Nicholas, was born.

In 1973, her play El Embajador was staged, and in September of the same year, her uncle Salvador Allende was killed during the bloody takeover of La Moneda (Chilean presidential palace) in a bloody coup. In 1975, Allende was exiled to Venezuela, where she worked for the Caracas El Nacional newspaper and as a secondary school teacher.

In 1981, Allende accompanied her ninety-nine-year-old grandfather during his death, and then began writing her first novel, The House of Spirits.

During a visit to California in 1988, Allende met her current husband, US Attorney William Gordon, and has resided in San Rafael ever since.

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