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Marty Walsh in Davos: The United States needs immigrants to fill the labor shortage


Marty Walsh

During a session of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, US Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh confirmed that the shortage of workers is the greatest threat to the US economy in the long term and that expanding immigration and vocational training is essential to address this shortage.

"We need to reform the immigration system in America," Walsh said during a discussion session in Davos on the future of jobs around the world - broadcast on the official website of the American newspaper "The Wall Street Journal" this morning, Wednesday.

He added, "America has always been a country that relies on immigration... but at the present time we do not have a good immigration policy." He pointed out that students from all over the world come to America to obtain education, but then return to their country if they fail to obtain an education. work visa.

And the US official continued: "There are jobs available now in the United States that do not enjoy a sufficient number of people. Therefore, immigration should not be a hot political issue, whether in America or anywhere else in the world."

Walsh stressed that "the danger that threatens the US economy in the long term is not inflation, but rather it is related to immigration. The bitter truth is that we do not have a sufficient number of workers" - according to him... calling for the need to focus more on industrial education, and to a lesser degree on Directing all young people to theoretical faculties. He said companies should play a role in financing industrial education to shape and rehabilitate workers.

Marty Walsh

American politician and former union official. He has been the 29th Secretary of Labor of the United States since March 23, 2021. A Democrat, he previously served as the 54th Mayor of Boston from 2014, until his resignation in 2021 after being confirmed by the United States Senate to serve as Secretary of Labor in President Joe Biden's cabinet. Prior to his mayoralty, he served as a member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, representing Suffolk's 13th district from 1997 until 2014.

Social issues

Under Walsh's leadership, the city of Boston participated in the My Brother's Keeper Challenge. In 2014, Walsh vetoed an ordinance by the Boston City Council to create a commission on black men and boys, claiming that he did so because such a commission would "duplicate and complicate efforts in which my administration is already engaged," and that the ordinance was written in a way he believed You violate the city charter.

In a speech on January 25, 2017, Walsh reaffirmed Boston's status as a city of sanctuary for people living in the country without documents. The speech was delivered the same week that President Donald Trump threatened to pull federal funding for cities that have a policy to protect illegal immigrants by not prosecuting them for violating federal immigration laws. A defiant Walsh said, "If people want to live here, they live here. They can use my office. They can use any office in this building."

In April 2017, Walsh announced that he would be establishing a new office for the advancement of women.

In June 2020, Walsh declared racism a public health crisis, and that month, in an effort to tackle institutional racism, Walsh announced that he would establish a "cabinet for equity and inclusion" in his administration, launch a fund for racial equality, and declared intent on pursuing a new subdivision amendment aimed at addressing issue of population displacement. The Racial Equity Fund was launched months later, with Walsh stating it would invest in nonprofits that "work to empower black and brown populations in economic development, public health, youth employment, education, the arts, and other areas."

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