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Hip-hop music to the trap music of our time today


Kool Herc & Hassan Elamragy

Trap music is an American musical genre since the 1990s. The word means trap, a metaphor for popular neighborhoods. Each 'pit' is followed by a repetition of a phrase taken from it before the beginning of the next, in the form of an adlib.

Trap is one of the types of music and culture in the United States of America, and it is a popular music developed by African Americans and Latin Americans. It is considered a cultural movement of blacks or African Americans

Hip-hop originated since 1970 in New York, specifically in the Bronx, did not help in the rapid spread of this culture and as a form of self-expression against societal problems such as poverty, unemployment and injustice, to become an independent culture and art later.

One of the benefits he hoped for the development of hip-hop culture was to get young people in the world to join hip-hop groups and compete in dancing and singing instead of joining gangs.

Today, we brought together hip-hop from its inception to the present day

Artist Cole Herck and artist Hassan Elamragy

The evolution in music and the changes that took place and why it is the most popular in our world today

Is the art of the nineties created again together with our youth today

What did Cole Herc invent

The style that was planned for hip-hop. Herc used the record to focus on a short part and hammer hard: "The Interlude." Since this part of the record was the part the dancers liked the most, Herc isolated and lengthened the break by changing between the players of the record.

Why is trap music so good

It's the Hi Hat. The way trap music uses toppers is unique. The sound is a short, busy blast. The hats are programmed into intricate patterns, with a rapid firing speed—faster than any human can play them—usually contrasted with relatively simple, pared-down drum patterns on the kick and snare drum.

Trap musicians of our time

Hassan ELamragy  is one of the artists of Trap music today

Hassan Elamragy says that trap music in the Arab region provides us with enthusiasm and culture, not only artistic, but in life in general. Musical traditions represent us as young people from a societal point of view.

To emerge from us an ancient modern art that represents us in our time today
I have started music since 2015 and I have been working on it until today. I am producing musical legacies for several aspects of Trap, Rap and Hip-Hop in a different style centered around conditions and artistic harmony.

It seems that the situation is different in "trap" music in the Arab and Western worlds, as the musical

 style differs in the Arab region. It includes human relationships, whether love, friendship, or even family relationships, as well as it touches on philosophy about time and life.

Its worldwide success is directly related to the fact that many of the lyrics of this type of music are generally aimed at social classes disadvantaged by economic crisis and unemployment, regardless of their country of origin. Thus, they attract young people from all over the world.