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Princess Anne joins King Charles to attend church services at Sandringham


King Charles and Princess Anne

King Charles appeared in high spirits while attending a service at the church, in Norfolk, today - after it was revealed that he had asked the Archbishop of Canterbury to broker a deal to allow Prince Harry to attend his coronation, and His Majesty the King was accompanied by his sister, Princess Royal Anne, as the two made their way. Towards the Church of St Mary Magdalene in Sandringham, according to the British "Daily Mail" website.

And King Charles wore a brown coat, and he took pictures of the monarch holding an umbrella as he walked his way. Meanwhile, his sister, Princess Anne, wore a matching outfit, and she also wore a brown coat, which she wore with brown trousers and shoes.

Charles wants to make an agreement with Harry to attend the coronation ceremony

The outing comes in the wake of the report, published by the “Daily Mail” newspaper, about Charles’ desire to conclude an agreement with his warring sons that will allow Harry and his wife, Megan Markle, to attend the Westminster Abbey ceremony, next May, according to senior sources close to Lambeth Palace.

King Charles worries about the impact of Harry and his wife's absence on the ceremony

Speculation has been rife about whether the Sussexes will attend the high profile event since they have strayed from their royal duties - and especially since the publication earlier this month of Harry's memoir, Spear, which contained a series of attacks on members of the royal family.

The monarch is said to believe that Harry and Meghan's absence from the coronation would be a greater distraction than their presence, so he is willing to make concessions to persuade them to attend, but William is understood to be worried his brother could use the event to orchestrate a "stunt" that would overshadow the event.

Sources say Harry could be guaranteed a high-ranking seat at the abbey or an informal guarantee that he'll be able to keep his titles as an incentive to attend.

British astrologer predicts after the completion of the coronation of King Charles

It is noteworthy that while the British await the coronation of King Charles, on Saturday, May 6, a prominent astrologer has claimed that it may not go forward or if it does, it will be changed significantly, according to the “Daily Express” website.

Jessica Adams, author of Modern Astrology, told the Express: “The coronation is scheduled to take place in May 2023, but it will not happen as planned, which is what Harry indicated in the introduction to Speer.”

"The Anglican Church has never crowned a man who has ever been king," she continued. However, she did not elaborate on why the coronation was cancelled, postponed or modified in any way.