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Mohamed Ramadan presents the clip "Nassaba" with the participation of Didine Canon


Mohamed Ramadan and Didn Cannon

Today, the star, Mohamed Ramadan, released the video clip of his new song, "Nassaba", with the participation of the Algerian rapper Diden Kanon, on his official YouTube channel and social networking sites.

Mohamed Ramadan had filmed the song's video clip in the pyramids area, as a kind of promotion of Egyptian tourism and highlighting the tourist attractions, and the song was written by Mostafa Hadouta, composed by Muhammad Yahya, and directed by Anis Septi.

During the past few days, he was keen to promote it through his account on “Instagram”, where he published a promotional clip of the song, and a number of photos that he collected with the Algerian rapper Didan Cannon from behind the scenes of photography, and the audience interacted with them greatly.

It is noteworthy that the last of Mohamed Ramadan’s singing works is a song clip on our situation, which he recently put on YouTube, and the singing was shared by the star of the popular song, Ahmed Adawiya, and his son, Mohamed Adawiya. ".

Mohamed Ramadan

Egyptian actor and singer

He was born on May 23, 1988, in Qena Governorate, according to his father's statement and some sources. His family immigrated to Giza Governorate, but he stated in a television interview that he was born in Giza, and that his father is from Qena. Muhammad is the youngest of his brothers. When he was in middle school, he succeeded in joining the football school in Zamalek Club, but when he joined Al-Saeedia Secondary School, he left football to devote himself to education. He started acting early in the school theater, and critic Ahmed Abdel Hamid watched it, wrote about it in Al-Gomhoria newspaper, and persuaded his mother to continue his education at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts.

He started acting in the school theater, and the Egyptian actor Omar Sharif praised him and stated that he chose him to complete his artistic career. Muhammad Ramadan mentioned in a television interview that Omar Sharif praised his good acting of the role of Ibn Bawwab in the series “Hanan and Hanin” in their first meeting.

He started his life with small roles in a number of series, such as the Cinderella series, until he played a distinguished role in the movie “Ehki Ya Scheherazade”. With time, Ramadan became one of the first-class stars, especially after he starred in a group of films that made him a mass star, and his films achieved high revenues and he was The most important of which are Al-Almani’s films, Abdou Mota, Qalb Al-Assad, and Shadd Parts.

Some likened him to actor Ahmed Zaki. It was mentioned that Ahmed Zaki was his idol in 2004. Some critics accused him of imitating and imitating Ahmed Zaki, and commented on that in 2016: The latter is a sign in Egyptian cinema, and that only days will prove whether he imitates him or if he has a real talent that distinguishes him, and added that his continuation on the screen until Now «because he does not look like Ahmed Zaki». Haitham Ahmed Zaki said in 2015: Muhammad Ramadan and Amr Saad are the best to imitate Ahmed Zaki, and this is their right.

Artists and media professionals accused him of presenting "low" works to achieve success, and considered him one of the reasons for the prevalence of concepts of violence in the thought and culture of young people. Writer Mohamed Fouda believes that: “Despite the transformation of “Ramadan” into something like an artistic phenomenon, he, without realizing it, became repeating himself after he limited it to the worst artistic area in which a talented artist could reside, by focusing only on presenting the roles of bullying, deviation and violence. . Muhammad Ramadan said in a television interview that because he played the role of "the thug" more than once, some accused him of being like that in real life. He stated that he was far from the personality of Abdo Muta in his life. Bayoumi Fouad also criticized him, saying: “I did not like the Ostoura series, and I support all the opinions that criticized the work because of the character of the thug. Muhammad Ramadan is an excellent artist and has high acting capabilities and a wonderful talent, so he must give up the roles of thugs that carry hostility and hatred for society.” The journalist, Lamees Al-Hadidi, criticized Ramadan's films, especially Abdo Mota's, and considered it a spark for instilling a culture of violence in children, "to the extent that it has become remarkable." While Ramadan responded to this on Facebook: “Oh, Professor Lamis Abdo, the death of a film that discusses a phenomenon that exists in our society, and you do not live in Dubai!” He added that cinema is a business, just as the media has become a business.

Muhammad Ramadan received an attack because of his criticism of the work of the Egyptian comedian Ismail Yassin, as he accused his work of giving a bad idea of ​​the Egyptian soldier, but he later denied this in a video posted on his Facebook page and said: “Ismail Yassin is the most actor who makes me laugh and testifies to my words, Professor Ayman Bahgat Qamar. And memorize all his songs.” He added: The question was whether in my future plans to present a film about the Egyptian soldier like the films of Ismail Yassin, so I said no, I like to present films that show the Egyptian soldier in a consistent manner and the extent of his affiliation with the army. This statement was very provocative, and it has nothing to do with my personality and it will never be my opinion of the professor. Ismail Yassin because he is a symbol of art.

Ramadan released a single song entitled “Number One” in June 2018, and the song achieved success, but it sparked controversy, as Wael Al-Ibrashi attacked him on his TV show: “It is not possible to resort to making a clip in order for an artist to prove that he is No. 1, and it did not happen in the history of creativity either in Egypt or the whole world, the exit of an artist to confirm that he alone controls the artistic and creative arena.” Humility is the pinnacle of success, but the artist has transformed from an artistic state into a psychological state. Ramadan received other criticisms, as some saw that he was betting on provoking controversy to achieve success. While the artist, Tariq Abdel Aziz, defended him, saying that he markets himself correctly and that "he is a beautiful personality and has the right to see himself as Number One." Ramadan released a new song after that, titled “The King”, and it received criticism similar to that of the previous song

Didine Canon 

Algerian singer whose real name is Youssef Khaireddine, he was born on January 2, 1993 in Staouali, in the state of Algiers. Didine Clash currently resides in Oulad Fayet in Algiers. Didine Clash is married and the father of 3 children.

Didin Clash, Didin Kanon 16, became famous in 2015/2016 with the song “Akhtini wa Naaish wahdani”, the song that spread terribly in those years. With this song, Youssef Khair El Din entered Algerian rap and started downloading rap songs.

In the year 2018, Didin took advantage of his success in investing, where he started downloading songs far from rap, songs with a wide audience, the most famous of which is the song Aisha Lafi, and after that he began signing with production companies, most notably Shabaka Net in Algeria, the network and the global music platform Anghami.

Didin entered Algerian homes in Ramadan 2020 with the song “Ya Wave for Babour” with Shamsu Fryklan, in the program that was presented to Al-Jazeera, Wan, under the title “The People’s Conditions”.

And in Ramadan 2021, he participated again in the “Ahwal Al-Nas” program, the second season, but this time as an actor, not a singer, as Moh Milano performed the song this time.

He has 5 million subscribers on the YouTube channel, which was established in 2018, with a total of 777 million views. The video clip in Hawak is considered the highest viewed video on his channel, and the song was with Jalil Palermo.

He has 2.7 million subscribers on Instagram and 98 posts.

Spotify has 543,000 subscribers, with an average of 300,000 listeners per month from Algeria, Morocco, France and Tunisia.

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