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Shakira reveals how she overcame her separation from Pique



International superstar Shakira considered, in her first television interview since the release of a popular song, attacking her former life partner, soccer player Gerard Pique, that her songs are "the best treatment, and it is more effective than a session with a psychoanalyst or psychiatrist."

Shakira said in an interview on Mexican television that recording the song was a "breather" for her.

She added, "I entered the studio in one mental state and left in another. The recording was an excellent and essential outlet for my recovery," Shakira continued, saying, "I think I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for this song."

Shakira removes the evil witch doll from her balcony opposite Pique's mother's house

Weeks later, Shakira and Gerard Pique's breakup is still making headlines, especially as the singer is releasing more and more music, the latest being Monotonia with Ozuna and Music Sessions Vol 53.

It seems that the famous artist decided to change her sharp attitude towards Pique's mother and removed the evil witch doll that she had placed on her balcony.

Earlier, Shakira placed a large doll resembling a witch in black clothes standing on a broomstick on the balcony of her house in Barcelona, ​​which directly overlooks Pique's mother's house.

 According to the accounts of one of the neighbors in the area, he confirmed that she played her new song, Bizarrap, very loudly to reach her home, and she repeated the song successive times while the doll remained on the balcony.


However, Shakira finally decided to remove this doll from her balcony, in a message that many considered an attempt to calm the situation and reconcile with his father, Becky.

 Shakir suffered from his father Pique previously

A press report revealed that Shakira suffered a lot from Pique's mother's treatment of her throughout her association with her son, and that she was a lot of criticism of her. Pique's mother also blamed Shakira for being too busy with her singing career, and accused her of neglecting her son.

Colombian singer of Lebanese origin, born and raised in Barranquilla, she is called the Queen of Latin Music, and is famous for her multiplicity of musical talents. She first appeared on a Sony Music Entertainment recording at the age of 13.


After the commercial failure of her first two albums, 1991's Magia (Magic) and 1993's Peligro (Danger), she rose to prominence in the Spanish-speaking countries with Pies Descalzos (Barefoot) in 1995 and Dónde Están los Ladrones (Where are the thieves?) in 1995. She released her first English-language album in 2001, titled Laundry Service, which sold more than 13 million copies worldwide. The first place in the world and the song (Underneath Your Clothes).

Broadcast Music (the largest music rights organization in the United States) has described Shakira as the music pioneer who brought the voices of Latin singers to international fame.

Her father, “Don William Mubarak Shadid,” is a Catholic born in New York of Lebanese origin, her mother, “Nydia del Carmen Ripoll Torodo,” was born in Colombia, and Shakira is her only daughter from her husband, Don William Mubarak, who has eight children from his first ex-wife. And her name in Arabic is “Shakirah”. Shakira has five half-brothers, Alberto, Edward, Moises, Tonio, and Robin, and three half-sisters, Ana, Lucy, and Patricia.

Shakira was born in Barranquilla and at the age of thirteen she moved to Bogota. A year later, she released her first album (Sahar) and then released her second album (Danger). After that, she turned to acting and got her a role in a Colombian TV novel. In 1995 she returned to singing: her album (Barefoot) played a major role in her success. Her single (I'm Here) hit No. 1 in Colombia and brought her worldwide attention.

She met with Emilio Estefan, who was the producer of her next album: (Where are the thieves?). This album cost about three million dollars. The album contained one song (Unavoidable) and one single (Such Eyes). Shakira's mixture of rock and Latin vocals has given her great popularity in Spain and in Spanish-speaking countries. With her 2002 album Laundry Service, Shakira gained huge acclaim in English-speaking countries. With English lyrics she adapted herself to the collective taste there. Critics criticized her linguistic shortcomings, which caused the failure of some of her songs, such as, Anytime, Anywhere, but contrary to expectations, she was a great success all over the world. In 2003, Shakira went on a global artistic journey. Shakira writes the texts of her songs herself, with the help of Luis Fernando Ochoa and Lester Mendez. Gabriel García Márquez, Nobel laureate in literature, wrote about her: “Shakira's music has its own tone, which is unlike any other. No one can sing and dance like she, of all ages, with such an innocent feeling, which she herself invented.

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