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Snoop Dogg gifts Ed Sheeran and Russell Crowe with gold chains

Snoop Dogg


Special gift was given by the controversial rapper, Snoop Dogg, to his friends Ed Sheeran and superstar Russell Crowe, after the trio met each other backstage at the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne, last Friday, according to the British “Daily Mail” website.

Snoop Dogg performed in the arena that night and then moved to celebrate with the duo, giving each of them a chain of Death Row Records jewelry, worth $9,600 Australian dollars, as Snoop used to gift this chain to celebrities when he met them, having recently given one to Jamie Foxx.

Ed Sheeran performs the biggest show of his life at Melbourne Stadium, attended by 110,000 fans

 Had sung British star Ed Sheeran in front of 110,000 fans at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, breaking his record in this concert, and the huge crowd is the largest audience that appears in an event at the famous cricket stadium.

And it beats Sheeran's previous record of 108,000 - from the night before.

Sheeran posted footage of the amazing concert on Instagram, commenting on it: "I played the biggest show of my life on Thursday in front of 108,000 people in Melbourne, breaking that record on Friday with 110,000 people in attendance. This really is a dream come true, what a great venue." Many of Sheeran's 42.5 million followers congratulated him on this historic achievement.

Ed Sheeran donates £1 million to teach music to children after the impact it had on his life

On the other hand, British singer Ed Sheeran - earlier donated about one million pounds sterling to help young children learn music after its impact on his life, according to new accounts of the Sheeran Charitable Foundation, where he sent 500 thousand pounds sterling to help young aspiring musicians after he donated an amount Already equal to this amount over the past five years, according to the British Daily Mail.

A source close to the Mirror told the Mirror: 'Ed never forgot his struggle to get to the top and the impact of music on his life, it's great that he's helping in this way.' To fund tools, training space, and gigs.

Snoop Dogg

Known by his artistic name Snoop Dogg, which means: the intrusive dog, Snoop was born in 1971 and was a lover and drug dealer during his adolescence in middle school and still to this day. This is what made the police arrest him several times in the Long Beach area of ​​Long Beach in Los Angeles, California, USA . And he is considered the cousin of wrestling in the WWE Sasha Banks. Snoop is famous for singing hip-hop, rapping and acting, and thanks to his fame for the famous producer and singer Dr. Dre.

He introduced him to Dr.Dre, Dr.Dre's half-brother, and life companion, Warren G. His first work was in DeathRow records, a cassette tape entitled Over The Counter, recorded in 1991, but unfortunately it was not officially released, but there are some songs on this tape available on Youtube. Later he joined groups West Coast Hip hop, then Aftermath Records and many of the most famous singers in the field of rap and hip hop, including Eminem, Nas, Tupac, Dr. Dre, and others.

After Snoop finished his high school studies, he became known for his gangsta rap songs that call for violence, and many African-Americans on the west coast of the United States are proud of him. Snoop was imprisoned for 3 years on charges of smoking marijuana in a public place.

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