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WWDW Media Services Company controls 11 percent of the news acquisition market in the Arab world


WWDW Media Services controls 11 percent of the news market in the Arab world.

News is considered one of the most important things that many people seek in order to obtain knowledge and important daily information, whether for entertainment, general knowledge, or even to follow the news of their country or city. News is also considered one of the most important economic factors that determine the extent of loss, profit, or even growth. One of the economic sectors in a country or even in the world.

The media has an important role in providing society with information and facts about everything that happens in it, and it helps the citizen to keep up to date with all developments, which helps him in making decisions.

Important and crucial, just as there is no real media without the freedom through which the people of the media work to carry out their message, and to have an advisory opinion, a critical eye, and a sublime message, without trying to implicate.

Regardless of the importance of news, in the Middle East region and the entire Arab world, many daily events and developments occur, especially political developments in many Arab countries such as Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Egypt, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and many other countries, which has given very great importance to news channels and news websites in particular. In the past few years, after the spread of the Internet, every country and city has its own news site that displays the most important news related to it.

Professional online journalism

With this development and the entry of many non-professional or even unlicensed entities and institutions to practice the profession of journalism and transmit news, there has become a big question: the credibility of news on the Internet, how to control news sites, and how to legalize them in order to broadcast rumors and false news to their visitors.

To determine the importance of professional electronic journalism, we will take the example of the State of Kuwait to learn about the extent of the importance of legalizing electronic journalism and how to exploit it for the public good, as the State of Kuwait has issued many laws that prevent the indiscriminate spread of websites that publish Kuwaiti news, whether local news or Arab and international news.

This decision had a lot of positive impact on the quality of journalism in the State of Kuwait and the professionalism of its workers as well. With the laws that were issued by the National Assembly and approved by the Kuwaiti government, there is a punishment for every website that violates the standards of electronic journalism, as well as Kuwaiti laws and standards of Arab and Islamic ethics, which is The goal of all these laws and the attempt is to codify the conditions of all these websites.

Electronic journalism and social networking sites

If governments or countries can control websites that are easy to access in many cases, it is very difficult to control social media without violating the privacy agreements guaranteed by large social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media. Many unlicensed press organizations have resorted to social media in order to reach visitors and citizens in a somewhat legitimate manner, but their goal is illegitimate, which is to spread false news. Governments, especially in Arab countries such as the UAE and Saudi Arabia, have always tried to combat this behavior and eliminate it, but it seems impossible because controlling everyone is very difficult.

Society by linking it to the economic, social and political issues it discusses, and then works to increase the cohesion and affinity of society with its country and its leadership. Accordingly, the media is considered a voice for the voiceless and represents the opinion of the people, knowing that the media represented in our present time by social communication is the fastest spreading, Especially those that defend the people's issues and problems, as they constitute an impenetrable barrier against all the bad habits that cause harm to society.

The world's intellectuals, including scientists and thinkers, are keen to broadcast and publish everything that humanity can benefit from, including research, experiments, inventions, and discoveries. Points of view and ideas can also be exchanged to enrich the minds of the recipient, which pushes societies to move forward, thus increasing culture and knowledge for everyone, and through the media. It also carries out campaigns against anyone who dares to harm the homeland, out of your love, affiliation, and loyalty to your homeland with all your might in order to preserve the soil of this dear country.

Roshin Damon is a professional journalist since 2011, a media graduate from Kuwait University, a technology expert, a media consultant and a member of the International Organization of Journalists - a member of the fact-checking team at Meta Company. He writes in the fields of entertainment, art, science and technology, and believes that the pen can change everything. Email: Email: