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The Importance Of Calm In Life



Calmness is a state of mind represented by the absence of agitation, excitement and turmoil.

Calmness often comes easily to the average person in a state of relaxation, however

It can also occur in more conscious and alert states.

Some people find that focusing the mind on something external or even internal like breathing can in itself be calming. Calmness is a quality that can be acquired and developed with practice.

In light of the tension that our current era is witnessing, man has become eager to obtain some psychological calm, whether at work or at home, in order to allow himself to enjoy the beauty of life, and to obtain good health in it.

Psychological calm

Psychological calmness is a state of relaxation and mental clarity

Psychological benefits

- High level of serotonin hormone, which is responsible for improving mood.

- Making the mind liberate and moving towards innovation and creativity.

- Leads to emotional maturity and thus improves social relationships.

- It improves absorptive capacity and memory.

Achieving psychological calm

- Close your eyes and focus on negative feelings and face them.

- Relaxation exercises such as yoga.

- Reverence in prayer and remember the greatness of God Almighty.

- Mixing with positive people who are psychologically calm.

Reasons that prevent a person from enjoying psychological calm

Family problems: Family problems affect a person's mental health and deprive him of the pleasure of enjoying psychological calm, especially if these problems accumulate and grow without the ability to treat them and solve them quickly.

Difficult economic conditions: Difficult economic conditions negatively affect a person's psychological comfort and rob him of the pleasure of psychological calm, as his thinking is limited only to a way to secure food, drink and the basic needs of his family without thinking of finding ways to make himself happy and entertain him a little.

Infection with some diseases: Nothing can take away the pleasure of enjoying psychological calm more than being infected with some disturbing diseases that cause physical pain and psychological anxiety, specifically intractable diseases that have no cure.

Difficult working conditions: A person is exposed to the problem of lack of psychological calm in his life because of the difficult and arduous working conditions and the managers’ lack of appreciation for him and the good work he does.

Laziness and lack of movement: Laziness and lack of movement negatively affect a person's psychological health, because laziness reduces human activity and blood circulation activity, which is reflected in the health of the mind and brain and the body's ability to produce hormones that help revitalize the person, spread vitality and relax his body.

person who is psychologically calm refrains from showing his annoyance in front of others and listens without exaggerating his reaction. He also controls his impatience, anger, or intensity, and maintains balance and moderation with himself and with others, in addition to speaking accurately, clearly, and briefly without haste.

Phrases about calm

- Talent grows with calmness and stillness, and personality grows by entering the battlefield of life.

- Successful person is the one who closes his mouth before people close their ears, and opens his ears before people open their mouths.

- Moments of solitude and contemplation bring me calm, balance, focus, and a tremendous strength to continue on the path.

- Person feels calm in situations of fear when he imagines the worst that could happen, and convinces himself that his life will not end.

- The silent ones are comforted by writing, even if no one sees it, even if they erase it after they write it. The important thing is that they wrote, because writing is their speech as if it were their voices.

- When the night comes and its stillness, sorrows arouse me, what is in the universe dwells in a being or a person, but for me a volcano erupts in my heart, eyes sleep filling the eyelids, except for my crazy heart and mind, I wander in memories, I love ruminating distances, drowning in small details, and looking at the stars

- Explicit calm, and for some it is ugly, but it is comfortable for the soul. It comes to the tired, exhausted soul like a wounded child, kisses it, rocks it, and throws it in the cradle of slumber to rest.

- You need finesse to speak and even more finesse to listen.

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